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Getting started

Download the app and continue with the tutorial

FeedReady is available for both iOS and Android. Download it from the App Store™ or from Google Play™ and install it on your smartphone or tablet.


Sign up for the Feeds you want to follow

If you already know of a blog or newspaper you want to follow, click on the button on the FeedReady home page and type or copy and paste the Feed's URL in the field. If you find a new site while you're browsing, and you want to continue reading its articles, click on its Feed button: FeedReady will add that Feed to your list of feeds to follow.

Browse through the summary and read the articles

FeedReady constantly updates the summary with the list of the titles of all the articles published on the blogs and portals you follow. You can manually update the summary, browse it and tap on a title to open an article and read it.

Organize your reading matter

Use the available commands for some basic operations:
To open the website page where the article is published.
 /    To mark the article as “read” or “not read”.
  To signal an abuse.

Share the most interesting articles

If you think an article may interest your friends, share it by clicking on the button and then choose how to share it: by email or text,  or on Facebook or Twitter.

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